Long Term Recovery Group

Together we can Recover.
Together we all Improve.
Together we provide Support.
Together we become Empowered.
Therefore, together we RISE.



Jones County RISE is a non-profit, volunteer organization established to assist Jones County residents Recover, Improve, Support and Empower in the wake of disaster. Focusing on long-term recovery, RISE will organize and coordinate resources from among public, private, inter-faith, and voluntary agencies for long-term disaster recovery.


Jones County RISE Because

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, heart-wrenching stories of devastation and loss rose from the ruins of Jones County, North Carolina. Homes, churches, businesses, farms, and schools suffered unrecoverable loss. The storm pounded the rural area for nearly 36 long hours and then the flood waters from the Trent River rushed in reaching historical depths and canvased a vast majority of the small villages nestled in Jones County. The county was severed into many separate islands, cut off from assistance, supplies, drinking water, and escape. While countless numbers of people had to be rescued, not one life was lost.
The days and weeks following the storm revealed total loss for so many home and business owners. Some will never return, some hope to return and rebuild or repair, many remain homeless and displaced. While federal aid is in progress, many property owners had no flood insurance and federal assistance leaves them with inadequate means to make their homes and businesses safe, leaving behind financial devastation, as well.
It is from this devastation that the need arose to form a long-term recovery group of volunteers, leaders, churches, and passionate people. People who are driven to assist the hurting residents of Jones County, and RISE was born. RISE will pursue donations, grants, and financial opportunities to provide support for disaster victims in providing for unmet needs pertaining to their recovery.
RISE aims to serve the people of Jones County to recover, improve, support and empower, so that this disaster is not the end of their story. From the flood waters, this land of humble people will rise.


Trenton NC United States


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